Rule number one: always have a camera with you.

My friends and family often tell me I’m anti-social, I’m not really, I’m just so excited about taking great photos that I’m usually squatting on the floor, with my face pressed against the camera. Both inside and outside of work I’m passionate about capturing great moments with photography and videography, so I’m excited to share some of my favourite pieces with you here.


Capturing a moment and immortalising in the memory bank is a very special thing. The power a photo has to tell a story or provoke emotions is the very reason I love taking them and sharing them with as many people as possible. Below are some of my favourites, click on them to read the story behind them. You’ll see more regular photos and updates from me on the blog and my instagram feed (imtomcoleman).


Videography adds an even greater element to the memory bank – Sounds and visuals tingle the senses and enable to viewer to literally be in the moment. Creating impactful content is the skill here, knowing exactly where to snip and tuck to give just the right message and feeling to the audience. Click through on the links below to watch some of my favourites and read the story behind them. You’ll see more regular videos and updates from me on the blog and my instagram feed (imtomcoleman).

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