Miniblog: pick your Lavender 

#miniblog :if your lavender is flowering take some cuttings and hang them up in a cool dry place. They come in handy for lots of crafty, home hacks especially as you get towards winter (we’ll come back to that nearer the time), for now they’ll give a great cottage look to your kitchen or pantry …


Take your pick 

Growing your own fruit, veg and herbs is easy and it doesn’t need to be a massive deal. That’s why I’m writing this, to share some of the simple ways I’ve planted and grown some great delights in my tiniest of gardens. It’s easy to get caught up on all the tricks and techniques of …

Bloomin’ ‘eck!

One of my life philosophies is to always observe the beauty in the world, through whatever form that might take. Usually in my case, through a lens or created experience but also in physical space, getting close to nature. My relaxation time is just as important to me as what I do professionally, and luckily …

Bitter Sweet.

Now, I'm relatively new to the gin game, in fact I've never really been a huge drinker - until now. It can be a bit overwhelming to know where to begin as a new starter.So this is my guide on where to begin (if you want to of course).

let me introduce you to my new pool.

Swim teaching. Scratch that. Swimming is always something I’ve admired as a talent. I’m a mediocre swimmer (I think) and that’s something I’ve had to work pretty hard at to overcome some of my fears around being in the water. And after many years of being around swimmers and teachers, it’s clear that there are many different approaches across the board that, all for the greater good, try to do the right thing. This is a fantastic post by one of those aforementioned great teachers, delving into this subject at the deep end. Pardon the pun.

take your marks. go.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact you can get shirts that say ‘chlorine is my perfume’ – I need this in my life.
It has never been truer.

I also wanted to introduce you all to the pool that I’m going to be teaching in, my new pool.
I’ll be working at Dean Greenwood Swim School, based at the Mt. Eden pool, which upon first inspection didn’t thrill, but once I’d got in and switched my imagination on it’s a cracking little pool to teach in – fellow teachers will understand.

The thing that drew me to this swim school above others was the focus on staff development, and while I’m going through training and the values of the swim school are being drilled in to me, it seems like they do practice what they preach.

I’ve always said that a major flaw of the teaching system…

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Sounds of 2016

So we've finally crept into 2017 and actually now have a few minutes to look back on what was a crazy 2016. But whilst it might not have been a good year for news headlines or celebrities remaining alive, it was a pretty good year for music. 2016 gave us some true audible delights and every …