The curious incident of the dog in the night time 

My favourite book of all time, is ‘the curious incident of the dog in the night time’ no pressure before we begin. Today I went to see the award winning stage production of said book at the Millenium centre in cardiff, following its recent successful run on londons west end.

Was I disappointed? No. Not at all. In any way. The show was simply amazing. Let’s start with the adaptation from book to screen. Anyone who’s read the book will understand how hard it would be to bring to life the brain of a boy with Asperger syndrome on stage. But it was done brilliantly. A simplistic set mapped out almost like a brain itself, caught the audience inside character chris’ mind immediately. The again simple use of props and characters continued to aid this approach. The directors clearly understood that the story and emotion is enough to carry this story and that the based way to bring it to life would be to simply put the viewer in chris’ shoes.

Couple that with a technically amazing stage set up, multi projectors, lights, sound, electric, remote controlled props, which all helped to visualise what chris was thinking and to let the audience visualise the rest in whatever way they see fit (the main advantage of the book). Put together along with some fantastic actors the result was truly thought provoking, mind boggling, emotional, powerful and meaningful. There was not a dry eye in the house for most of the second half, myself included which is really a testament to the whole show.

I was concerned that a poor show could ruin the high regard that I’ve held for many years of this story, but this fantastic show has only cemented just how great it is in my mind. I you’ve never read the book then I implore you too, you won’t regret it. If reading isn’t your thing, or you’ve already read it a hundred times then the stage adaptation is just as good and always worth the money.

Hats off to the team behind this, I’m well and truly impressed. 1f3ba71c-7b59-49e6-baf1-e4602a4cb227-279-0000000d445a8781

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