It’s not over yet 

In recent months you’d be forgiven for thinking that great new music releases were dying a slow and painful death. It’s no lie that it’s becoming harder than ever to launch a new single or album in the music industry. It’s a world that’s making some strange transitions between physical and digital platforms, buying and streaming and cutting through the noise is becoming difficult. But, let’s not panic just yet.

Returning to blast us back to reality this month is Paramore. Now I must be upfront and admit I’m extermely biased as a huge fan for a number of years, but don’t let that skew your judgement when I tell you that they’re back with a bang. It’s no secret that Paramore is a band that’s always been plagued with internal troubles, but it’s also true that such quarms have lead to some of the best lyrics and creative content. Zac Farro returns to the band this year as the trio release new album “after laughter” which boasts a bold new sound. Pumping out a cool 80’s Cyndi Lauper inspired sound and a fresh new look lead single “hard times” is an instant hit. Today the band released the follow up “Told you so” written and directed by Zac himself. The track is inspired by car journeys with the band in which they noticed that lead singer Hayley Williams found some release from the burdens of a sometimes struggling band. If you don’t instantly think it’s amazing, it’s 100% a grower. We can’t wait to here even more of the new sound, thankfully the new album is released in just 10 days.


Not to be overshadowed by that feisty comeback, HAIM are back too (I know, can do much good happen at once?). Last week they deviously enticed fans with a raw recording from the studio entitled “Right now” which definitely got the hairs tingling. Now here with the first single from their long awaited second LP HAIM have released “Want you back”, debuted on BBC Radio one this evening. The song is an instant hit, boasting those classic sisterly harmonies alongside a slightly fresher, funkier sound. The album “Something to tell you” is released July 7th.



Kasabian have been working hard at their comeback too, bringing back sounds reminiscent of the infamous “west Ryder pauper lunatic asylum” album. They’ve been working with close friend Noel Fielding on some of their new sounds and visuals which is always a feast for the eyes. It’s never likely to be something to show your mum, but definitely will be insanely captivating. The initial singles and pre-releases such as “you’re in love with a psycho” tease a sound that you might be forgiven for thinking was taken from the mighty boosh soundtrack (also worked on by Kasabian band member serge), and the band say the sound is “going back to their roots” following an experimental previous album. You won’t have long to wait either as the album is released on Friday.

Finally, I’m really quite excited about the release of debut album “our lives” by Jake Isaac. It might be a name you’re not familiar with, but after listening to just a few of his soulful hits you won’t forget. The main thing I can note from the album pre-releases and previous EP’s are the pure crispness of the recordings. The tracks feel tangibly real, you can imagine them blasting out at Glastonbury festival. The bass drops and utterly soulful vocals leave you on a rollercoaster of emotions, from dancing in your seat to wandering through your mind. And if that wasn’t enough, you should check out this duet with the already well known soul master Ella Eyre. And you don’t have long to wait to hear more either as this first album is released on Friday.

So not all is lost. What more do I need to say? Go get listening!


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