Too much food is never a problem 

Fact. Food and friends is the perfect way to end a bank holiday.

Luckily my fantastic group of friends love afternoon tea (or any excuse for lots of food and drink). So to end our bank holiday in style we all cooked, prepared and packaged all sorts of homemade goodies and took them to Becky’s for a great get together.

Firstly we must talk about Charlotte’s infamous caramelised leek and breadcrumb sausage rolls. They are always the talk of the party and first things to be gobbled up. I mean just look at them!

Bryan’s chocolate hazelnut mousse was lapped up too. A bit rich for some, but those who loved it, LOVED IT. I think the ingredients were literally Nutella and more Nutella, but it tasted lovely anyway! (And beautifully served like little hot chocolates by moi!)

Secondly I attempted to bake (which never usually goes well) but actually I was pleasantly surprised. I kept things simple with a Victoria sponge essentially but I got a bit more daring with a blueberry compote filling and decoration. It’s lovely actually with a cup of tea, just fills the spot for a mid afternoon indulgence (maybe a bit much for our gathering of all foods). The recipe is simple, just google ‘Victoria sponge’ and you can’t go wrong. Look for Blurberry compote or jam in your supermarket, I found this fab jar of St Dalfour in Sainsbury’s. You must dare to make your own decorations, that’s half the fun. You could easily spend so much money on pre-made adornments but you can just as easily make your own with some cheap and cheerful ready to roll icing.

Now I must also give a shout out to our host Becky’s house. I have real house envy. Not only does she live in a beautiful cottage, it’s adorned with cosy embellishments such as handmade paper chains and dainty tea pots. Go follow her blog for inspiration, this lady could give a master class in eye catching designs with a good splash of colour.

Finally after every feast, you need a good walk to leave room for more. We had a great wander around Rutland Water (I’m a bit worn out actually after running around with Becky’s dog Otto!). There’s nothing better than a blast of fresh air and a chance to take in natures wonders, a must to finish off every bank holiday weekend.

I’m stuffed.

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