Headlines in review 

As always over the next few days as we lead into the new year, I’m going to be sharing memories, highlights, stories of the year we are just ending.

First up I’d like to share this BBC news headlines video (click to watch) a reminder not just of the sad moments, but fantastic achievements 2016 has brought along.
A lot of terrible things have happened this year, really terrible, from continued attacks of terror to the endless obituaries, but we mustn’t forget the great things too, often fantastic achievements, such as the Rio Olympics and premiership football wins which have kept many of us motivated throughout a pretty tough 12 months.
Humans are strange things, making strange decisions, but everything happens for a reason. You can’t help but question why these things are happening and why so many people feel that there is a need for something different right now. And though some of the actions this year are questionable, it raises a even more questions about the next one. It seems like we definitely are in a time of great change. Bring it on.

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