We need more trust – Kungs

Never judge a book by it’s cover is a phrase we’re all familiar with I’m sure, but in this case it was something I was doing, wrongly. Since French DJ ‘Kungs’ released 2016 summer smash single ‘This Girl’ a remix of the track originally by Cookin’ on 3 Burners I was sure it was going to be a one hit wonder. The second follow up single ‘Don’t you know’ never really grabbed my attention, so I Naively binned him from my radar until now.

Just last week Kungs debut album ‘Layers’ dropped on all the usual music streaming services and I never batted an eyelid. Then today as I mooched through Apple Music thought, yeah why not lets give it a listen and how shocked was I. Let’s start exactly where we should here by straight away noticing the amazing line up of emerging talent featured on the LP, including Ephemerals, Ritual and the ever enchanting Rae Morris. In-fact the track ‘Trust’ featuring Rae is just the spell binding, spiritual track you’d expect and really sets a high bar for the rest of the album to keep up with, but generally it does.

The track moves away from the usual chart topping norm and instead opts for a much more experimental, laidback approach. But match some truly stunning vocalists across soul, funk and even bhangra beats and you’ve got a playlist that really switches on the senses. Kungs spent a lot of 2016 touring with David Guetta, a master DJ by all accounts, but it seems Valentin has listened, learnt and kept himself differentiated from those funky Guetta beats we can all recognise from just a few notes.

Really the only disappointment here is that it wasn’t released earlier in the year, as these really are some top summer tunes, when you close your eyes theres a distinct flavour of sand and suntan cream that just doesn’t fit what’s going on outside at the moment. I’ve added this to my summer playlist in eager anticipation for next year – but then again we could just turn the heating up and pretend?

Listen to the Kungs album in full on Apple music here or have a sneaky preview on soundcloud.

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