Hey there, welcome to my humble home on the interweb! Both inside and out of work I have a passion to work with all kinds of Media, from videos and photography to stories and communication. I’m the one you usually see kneeling in all kinds of muddy awkward places trying to get the best shot, whilst everyone else is keeping clean and enjoying themselves. You could say I’m keen to get stuck in and that would definitely be true, but I’m also keen to share my view of the world and tell my story though tangible relevant media that grabs the senses of the audience. So, it’s fitting then that this website is a place for me to do just that. Click ‘Portfolio’ to view some of my latest projects or click on ‘Blog’ to read some of my latest thoughts on current affairs and hot topics. For more about me and this blog (incase this wasn’t enough) click ‘About’.


Tom Coleman